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What We Do

Millwood furnance Cleaning deliver Premium services, otherwise we don't do work

Furnace cleaning

Burners, Thermostat, Fan Belt, Fan Motor, Filter, Gas Leakage, Heat Exchanger, Fan Assembly, Draft Diverter

Air vents / Ducts cleaning

We are use Air Bags truck which has high suction and blowering power and also use brush cleaning method.

Dryer Vents Cleaning

Dryer Vents are serious fire hazard. So first we disconnect the dryer than we apply vaccum cleaning or brush cleaning methods

Tune Up and Sanitize Furnace

After the complete cleaning of furnace and ducts we tune up the furnace and make it ready to go and use sanitizer for your health safety

Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning

Chimney cleaning includes cleaning of dust and soot and the removal of creosote from walls using Vacuum,broom brush and some other methods.

New Furnace Installation

We install new furnaces and give suggestion that what our customer needed and set furnace setting according to new technology and methods.

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